Okay now. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Senate has compromised on the Health Care bill so that taxpayer money will not be used for abortions.

The original compromise was that the government would subsidize the coverage of health insurance, but if the insurance company paid for routine elective abortions, the woman would merely have to send a slightly bigger check.

Now the compromise says she has to send two checks; one for insurance, and one for the extra premium for abortion coverage.

Problem solved, right?

No, because it is a “shell game”. Let’s face it, why should I, as a grand mom, pay for abortion coverage? And why should men pay for that type of policy? And why should pro life people pay the extra premium?

So essentially only a few people will be paying for abortion insurance: the strict feminist, the young girl who already has had an abortion and sees it merely as a form of birth control are two groups that come to mind.

The dirty little secret is that  half of abortions are repeat abortions, i.e. in  women who have had at least one prior abortion. And once abortion essentially is “free”, then this group may increase their usage of this “minor procedure”.

So if only a small number of fertile women opt for the insurance, I suspect that the “extra premium” won’t really cover the full cost of a lot of their elective abortions. So what will happen is that the insurance companies will simply shift the cost from their regular funds to cover the shortfall.)

So it’s a “shell game”: where it looks like one thing is being done, but by slight of hand it’s been changed on you.

So your tax money will pay for abortion.

The Catholic bishops discussion on all of this is HERE, if you want to read it.

As for me, I’m cynical.

What this means is that the “pro life” Democrats have lied to their voters. If they vote for the bill, it means they too were playing a “shell game” to deceive pro life voters in their party. And, alas, if this bill passes, it means that some of us will despair of ever having the Democratic party leadership allow dissenting opinions in the party.

Guess I’ll have to cancel my “Democrats Abroad” membership and change my party affiliation to independent.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes about human rights at Makaipa Blog

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