I normally don’t blog political anymore. I got burnt out on politics during the ’04 election period. The political discussion during that time became reduced to a shouting match between all parties and actual discourse was thrown out the window. However I will blog about the politics of crime if I’m so moved. It took the Reverend Al Sharpton to move me to blog about the subject I find so distasteful.

When Rev. Sharpton isn’t playing the race card he actually does do some good for the black community at large. I specifically remember Rev. Sharpton being on America’s Most Wanted trying to help find the killer of Chanel Petro Nixon. So not all of Sharpton’s antics are that bad.

But this one is. Sharpton is saying that the suspects in the Dunbar Village gang rape are being unfairly treated since they’ve been held with no bond. Meanwhile the suspects from the Boca Raton gang rape are free on bond.

On one hand I agree with the Reverend Sharpton that the Boca teens should be held with no bond. On the other hand Rev. Sharpton is picking the wrong example to use to make his point.

In the Dunbar case a group of teens stormed the victims place of residence, robbed her, raped her and then forced her to have sex with her own son.

In the Boca case some teens got some girls drunk to the point of passing out and then took advantage of them.

The severity of the Dunbar Village case is what’s keeping those suspects behind bars not their skin color.

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