Who needs drugs when you’re high on life? Or on highlife, I should say. Her basic instinct unexpectedly getting the best of her on stage again, Sharon Stone got an auction party up and running in Berlin yesterday by calling the bidders “nasty little Germans,” which unfortunately, they were.

Stone was trying to raise money for an AIDS research foundation at a gala hosted by Cinema for Peace. But after abruptly silencing the audience, she jokingly warned them about the bidding procedure: “You talk, you bid; you move, you bid; you look at me wrong, you bid. You got it? You naughty little Germans. Naughty, nasty little Germans. That’s why I keep coming back,” she then continued, pretending to be kicking something on stage. “‘Cause you’re naughty. Nasty. I like it.”

The tons of nasty little Germans present, not use to taking direct orders like that anymore and unsure as to what she could possibly be referring to or what they were really supposed to do next, had no other alternative but to do Stone’s bidding and begin bidding. It is unclear how much money she brought in that evening, however.

“Welcome to the Oscars with brains!” as Bob Geldorf likes to call the Cinema for Peace organization, the group behind the auction. Stone, like lots of folks in Hollywood, is well known for having lots of brains. But intelligence is a funny thing, you know. Or can be. And often isn’t. But she certainly has a nice personality.

In all fairness, it should be noted that Stone is not alone here. The choicest of Hollywood wackos are all involved in this Cinema for Peace thang and it could have happened to any of them and of course someday will, but not this year. This year the Cinema for Peace bestowed its Award for Social Responsibility on Stone, socially responsible as she is, or was, last night.

“I got your social responsibility for you right here,” one nasty little German heard the actress say as she later stumbled down the stairs backstage, clutching her trophy in one hand, and something else in her other.

Hooray for Hollywood.

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