Sharing the faith…even in the dentist’s office!

During the course of my daily activities, I do not think about times when I share my Catholic faith with other people. For the most part, the subject of religion is usually not a subject that is commonly discussed among groups of people in the workplace or even in social situations. However, my own life always takes unexpected turns and twists, much like everyone’s journey of faith. Recently, I was in a conversation with someone about her children and playing basketball at a local Catholic parish. Well, basketball is not something I know much about other than the inclusion of two accessories, the basket and the ball. Therefore, as I am usually able to do, I faked my way through the conversation. However, during the conversation, the other individual expressed just how much the RCIA program at her local parish was such a deep and personal journey of faith. The conversation shifted to “cradle Catholics” as compared to, “convert Catholics” and how the latter sometimes take many of the points of our Catholic faith for granted. It struck me very suddenly that the conversation was indeed a graced moment. The mutual recognition of our Catholic faith and identities joined not only in a great conversation, but also in a shared moment of our common religious beliefs.

During the same day, I was making the obligatory visit to the dentist and another person in the waiting room started talking to me about her experiences of faith. I don’t know what it is, but people just ,”talk to me about …things” and they are usually related to their experiences in the Catholic faith. Such opportunity for all of us to share common faith through a simple conversation tells me very clearly that the evangelical activity of the Holy Spirit continues every day, in places and situations where we least expect to find any discussions of faith or Jesus.

My experiences with other individuals is that people want to share their religious convictions with someone else, but we have become such a secularized society there is a common fear associated with any discussion of our religious beliefs. People I have found do not want to be evangelized, or converted or taught about the superiority of one religion over another. They just want to share their experiences of God’s manifestation to them in some tangible and communicative manner. Such thoughts make me realize very clearly that we as individuals are indeed signs and symbols of our religious beliefs in the Catholic Church, and are reflective of the Sacramental Jesus present in all believers.

Whenever conversations emerge, in any location as faithful Catholic parts of the Body of Christ…it is a great thing to talk about faith. It is even a more important reflection of our faith…that permits others to talk to us about such sacred things. Often, the catalyst that sparks the spread of faith and religious fervor is rooted in our openness to sharing our simple, common and everyday experiences of life and listening to someone else’s need to converse that leads us to experiencing Christ.

I am very glad people feel comfortable enough with me to share their thoughts and feelings about their faith with me. It helps me focus more clearly on my actions and how we are all called to a mission of evangelization when we least expect it to happen. Every faithful believer needs to recognize the desires other people have to embrace a religious faith. In our thoughts and actions and indeed our conversations …open communications about all faiths will lead to a New era of global peace and harmony based on love of God and the rejection of communal fear.
Hugh McNichol is a Catholic author that writes on Catholic faith and issues that effect all religious faiths. He writes daily at

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