For those of you not familiar with Sharia Law, it is the somewhat strange law practiced in some strictly Muslim countries. Often the punishments far outweigh the crime. In fact it is even common for the victim rather than the perpetrator to be the one that suffers.

If you are a young lady that gets raped and beaten, the chances are that the rapist will walk free, and the young woman will be executed in a public stoning! Yup, that sounds like justice to me!

There is much wrong with our US justice system, and I will be the first to grumble about it. I am still in shock over the Casey Anthony verdict. I was speechless when OJ Simpson walked free. I am even speechless over certain less well known stories. But in the grand scheme of things our system bumbles along and more times than not, it eventually reaches the right decision.

We have moved on from Public Stoning’s, Dunking Chairs, cutting off hands, and burning at the stake!

Here in the US a rape victim, is just that, a victim! She or he may have made poor choices that led up to the event, but they are still victims!

I was in shock and horror when I discovered that Sharia Law was even a subject of serious discussion within our legal system.

Muslim groups claimed a win in Oklahoma on Tuesday after a federal appeals court upheld a block on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban Sharia law in the state’s courtrooms.

Huh? Did I read that correctly?

In November, 70 percent of Oklahoma voters approved an amendment that would ban state judges from considering Sharia law in their decisions, the Associated Press reports.


But the appeals court said the ban discriminates against Islam, as Sharia law is the only law mentioned in the proposed amendment.

This sounds like some whack job article from a whack job web site. You are wrong, it is from The Washington Post!

What a pile of crap! Sharia Law has no place in our system. Are these desolate countries that uphold it making any attempt to embrace our laws? The answer is NO. So why the hell should we embrace their whacked out ideas?

Simon Barrett

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