Even some of the most thick-skinned Germans, long used to ridiculous court rulings and political correctness gone mad, are scratching their heads over a court decision made in Frankfurt yesterday. A judge denied a battered woman a divorce, seeing no “unreasonable severity” in her husband’s brutal behavior as both stem from the Moroccan “culture circle” where it is not unusual for a husband to inflict corporal punishment upon his wife.

She, the judge, based her argument using the Koran (Sure 4, 34), in which a husband’s rights in matters concerning wife-punishment are clearly laid out. Her reasoning was very lucid and right on the money, of course. The only problem is that someone apparently forgot to tell the judge that she is supposed to base her arguments upon German law instead.

All I can say is that I sure hope this lady won’t be presiding over the National Council of Ex-Muslims case. Okay, okay. There isn’t a case – not quite yet. But this non-religious society of former Muslims has already been receiving threats from the usual suspects, pronouncing them “fit for death.” Hasn’t anyone told them that the society’s members don’t belong to their culture circle anymore? Or do they doch (after all)?

That’s a tough question in Germany these days. I mean, when the German legal system isn’t even sure about which culture circle it belongs to, how can we expect Muslims (the ex-kind or not) to know?

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