Monday I reported on another missing child case from Florida. 7 month old, Shannon Dedrick. She is white and is 2 ft tall and weighs only about 11 lbs. Some says she has blonde hair, others say it is brown but she has blues eyes.

Shannon disappeared from her home in Chipley Florida on October 31, 2009. She was reported missing around 11:50 am that morning. Shannon’s aunt notified the sheriff’s office that the baby’s mother, Christina suffers from a growth development problem that Shannon could have inherited. She says the problem includes a somewhat larger than average head.

Well an updated report came in today that says months before Shannon was reported missing her baby sitter pleaded with the governor in an email to please, please save that child from her parents’ alleged pattern of drug abuse and really strange things.

The baby sitter, Susan Baker was interviewed Tuesday and she claimed the baby’s mother said she wished her daughter would disappear weeks before the child disappeared. She stated that she had her concerns for the baby even before that. She emailed the governor in August begging him for help saying that child needs help and no one is helping her.

“I loved that child,” said Baker in the interview. “And I don’t know where she’s at. And I am really sick and tired with all these games that’s being played. The only things they can come up with is exactly what they’re saying:’ I don’t know’.

Baker said she did get a call from CPS that said they would investigate. Peter Digre, DCF’s assistant secretary for operations said that he received two reports on the family of allegations including the use of marijuana around Shannon and a complaint that the baby had been shaken. He said no evidence had been found by the doctors to prove that.

The family then entered into treatment programs and got help from food stamps and a Women, Infants and Children program. DCF stayed in contact with the baby’s pediatrician.

Baker identified the parents as Tina Mercer and her boyfriend Rusty Dedrick even though the Washington County Sheriff’s Office would not confirm that.

Now I am reading that the authorities have confirmed that they are investigating a possible connection between a 22 year old missing case in South Carolina and the missing Shannon Dedrick case.

After the interview with Susan Baker they say it appears she is the same Susan Baker that was implicated in a 1987 missing child case in Beaufort South Carolina. The child involved there, 3 year old Paul Baker, has never been found.

A woman that investigators spoke with saying she was Baker’s niece who has verified that Baker is the same woman accused of the 1987 disappearance. The niece, Tabitha Phillips claims though that the arrest of her aunt was on a technicality and her aunt was innocent.

When digging up the case it was found that Paul Baker lived with his father and step mother, James and Susan Baker. The two of them were arrested and charged with assult and battery of a high and aggravated nature for allegedly beating him before he disappeared on March 5, 1987.

Susan Baker claimed she has put the child down for a nap and when she returned for him later he was gone. Detectives searched the area and never found any trace of the child.

After the disappearance, the couple’s 6 year old daughter was removed from their home by social workers who discovered she had broken bones and sores all over her body.

Susan Baker was convicted of beating the little girl and was given 10 years in prison for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. The baby Paul has still never been found though.

Baker’s niece says, “That’s the only reason they’re putting her as a person of interest now is because of all that crap that happened way back then.”

They need to start asking the mother where the child is,” said Phillips. “She’s the one that put it somewhere.”

So I guess the question here is, is this Susan Baker involved in the disappearance of little Shannon Dedrick or did her parents do something to her? I pray whoever is involved hasn’t hurt this innocent baby. She didn’t ask to come into this world and is certainly not to blame for any inconveniences she may have caused her parents or anyone else. A baby can never be blamed for that.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of this baby please call it in to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 850-638-6111 or you can contact:

FDLE Missing Endangered Persons
Information Clearinghouse

Don’t forget to pray for all the others as well as Caylee Anthony, Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings, Somer Thompson, Elizabeth Olten, Masaraha Ross, Shannon Dedrick, Alex Mercado and Rebecca Marie Allen. They all need our prayers. God bless you all that care.

Jan Barrett

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