I have to ask myself what a little 5 year old child could do to make someone want to kill her. For the life of me I can’t find an answer that would be a good enough excuse. As a Mother of two I know first hand how children can get on your nerves but as my mother once told me, sit back and count to ten and then you will calm down enough to handle it in the proper way. So that is what I use to do. It didn’t always solve the problem but it sure gave me the strength to deal with it in a calmer fashion. Although I have to admit never once did the thought ever come to my mind that if I killed this child that would make life better for me.

For a parent to have to say their final good byes to a child that fell victim in a crime case has to be hard to do. Now I know everyone that knows me knows I have had to bury two sons of mine that I lost in childbirth. Burying those babies almost killed me. I cried for days after. Family members told me over and over that I had to move on and live my life but I just wanted my babies. I remember feeling how unfair it was that so many people in the world were giving their children away because they didn’t want them and I was wanting my babies more than anything else in the world and they were taken from me.

Sunday Bradley Lockhart had to say good bye to his gorgeous little 5 year old daughter, Shaniya Davis. Shaniya was reported missing from her home by her mother at 6:50 am telling the police she last saw her daughter at 5:30 am on November 10. Lockhart raised little Shaniya but about a month or so before she disappeared he decided to let her live with her mother which I am assuming that he wanted his daughter to have a relation with her mother. He stated that he thought her mother, 25 year old Antoinette Davis was sincere about cleaning her act up by getting a job and a place to live, but unfortunately she had him fooled.

Shaniya’s body was found off the side of road in a pile of trash bags and deer carcasses on November 16. The child was thrown away as though she was just garbage. I look at this beautiful little girl’s face and cry thinking that someone could do this to her.

Police are saying that Mario Andrette McNeill raped and murdered her the same day she was reported missing. He turned himself in to the police once he realized he had been seen on a hotel surveillance camera carrying Shaniya heading towards the elevator. He has been arrested and charged with first degree murder, first degree rape of a child and kidnapping. The mother has been charged with human trafficking, as the police say she sold her daughter as a sex slave to McNeill and child abuse involving prostitution.

The funeral was heart breaking. “Don’t let God’s words and don’t let his actions get you down,” Lockhart told the packed congregation. “He did this for a reason.”

As Lockhart stood at the edge of his daughter’s casket, he said, “Shaniya, Daddy loves you honey. And I know you’re gonna be waiting for me… I’ll see you when I get there.”

Shaniya’s aunt blasted the justice system for providing Shaniya’s alleged rapist and murderer with a better quality of life than many Americans have.

Carey Lockhart-Davis told the CBS Early Show Monday morning, “We have a lot of people … [who have] lost their jobs, who don’t have health care, even children that are in homes don’t get three square meals a day. But this man sits with guards protecting him, he’s receiving free medical, free meals,”

Lockhart-Davis helped raised with Shaniya’s father and she says the experience has been overwhelming. “I spent a lot of special times with Shaniya and it’s heartbreaking.” She admits she is agitated that McNeill who is under suicide watch is now under state care. “It disgusts me,” she told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez this morning on the Early Show. “It bothers me a lot. And that’s something I just don’t understand.”

Ann Summers, Shaniya’s grandmother defends her daughter, Antoinette. “She did not harm her kids. I was there, I should know,” said Summers as she was talking about her daughter, Antoinette Davis.

Her thoughts of the man accused of killing her granddaughter weren’t so nice though. “To me he ain’t nothing but a maggot. He’s going to get what comes to him,” she said outside the courts.

My heart and prayers go out to Shaniya’s family who will surely miss her during the upcoming holidays. It is a shame, the holidays should be for family and friends to enjoy but sadly for a number of families it just won’t be that way this year. Please include in your prayers the children in my list and their families, and all the other children that I have missed. My list includes Caylee Anthony (found dead), Adji Desir (remains missing), Haleigh Cummings (remains missing), Somer Thompson (found dead), Elizabeth Olten (found dead) , Masaraha Ross (remains missing), Alex Mercado (drowned) Rebecca Marie Allen (found alive), Sandra Cantu (found dead), Anthony Holland (found alive), Shaniya Davis (found dead) Hassani Campbell (remains missing) Giovanni Gonzalez (reported dead), Neveah Buchanen ( found dead) and Shannon Dedrick who was by the grace of God found alive. God Bless them all and all of you that care.

Jan Barrett

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