I am not a University Professor teaching courses on morals and ethics, I am a journalist, but my more than half a century of following the highways and byways of life have taught me the difference between good and bad. When I encounter injustice of any nature I react. My weapons are not guns or sabers, I use the pen.

Alas there are too few hours in the day to cover every story that deserves to be brought to the attention of the public.

Crime is a problem in every state, crime happens. Crime is an unfortunate fact of life. But what happens when it is law enforcement themselves that commit it?

In the case of the rather tightly knit Miami South Beach PD the answer is to officially sweep it under the rug.

Before I get into the details, I think you should watch two very short clips from a surveillance camera. Normal and zoomed.

What do you see? I see two men walking, then stop (likely because of some sound or verbal request). They turn around, but are clearly very nervous, so much so that one decides to stand behind the other. Then, one falls to the ground.

You have just watched the cold blooded killing of Hussein Shehada. Hussein, his brother Samer and their girl friends had decided to take a vacation in Miami South Beach. Sure it was 4am, but to the best of my knowledge if you are on vacation you can choose whatever hours you want to take a walk.

So who was the cold blooded killer that is off camera? The answer is a Miami South Beach PD patrolman in full uniform, Adam Tavss. Following Miami Beach procedure Adam Tavss was placed on a 72 hour leave. He returned to duty and on his very next shift managed to ‘dispatch’ another ‘bad guy’.

Even by Miami Beach PD’s rather lax rules this second senseless killing created just a bit of internal strife. By this time I had heard a whisper on the grapevine that Adam Tavss had a liking for recreational pharmaceuticals. What does Miami Beach do? They take his death ray away from him and put him in the Evidence Room. Well guess what folks, along with the broken china and spent bullet casings, this is also the home for bags of white powder. The official records of the next stage are not in my possession, but my little birdies tell me that an inventory came up short.

Adam Tavss found himself on administrative leave. In what sounds like something out of pure science fiction, he is then busted for running a Grow Op in his home!

Miami Beach PD have buried Adam Tavss. But the cold killing of Hussein Shehada still hangs around. How do we deal with this?

Using the tried and true principle of if you don’t have the answers, bury the the problem in an Irish Peat Bog for a couple of years and claim that you are running an investigation!

Of course it should go without saying that it will be an ‘internal’ investigation. Well, it makes sense, who wants some outsider causing all sorts of a ruckus in your sand box?

Miami Beach PD have finally released their Independent External report. I for one wonder if they are trying to recruit Charlie Sheen as their PR guy! The report can be read here.

The Miami Herald also offered this rather stupid and lack luster article.

The Hussein Shehada killing was a story that tugged at me. I have spoken to his brother Samer, the two girlfriends, and other family members and friends.

This is a sham, someone needs to be held accountable.

I am so ticked off, here are a few links to fill in the gaps:




Simon Barrett

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