Well, we are once again treated to the Bobby Knight show. I do not understand where he gets off abuse young men whom are working hard to impress him. For some of you who don’t know what happen. Yesterday, Mr Knight slap one of his players in order to get his attention.

This assault was not because of lack of effort. It was for the kid trying to hard. Here is a young man who is giving his all, in college athletics and trying to do everything possible to win. He makes a mistake and is slap in front of millions of people. Didn’t Mr. knight lose his last job because of his temper. Is it right to let a coach put their hands on our children?

The last thing I check, Mr. Knight was the one who is receiving a hefty paycheck to coach basketball. He was not being payed to punish children. I am amazed at some people who said this was ok because he was trying to get his attention. Look, when you can’t get the attention of someone by talking to them you, take a minute and figure another way of communication. But never turn to violence and charges should of been filed.

I understand passion and wanting to win. But there are coaches out there who can show both without hitting the players in front of a TV cameras and an audience of a few thousands fans. The referees should of ejected Mr. Knight from the game as they would if another player hit someone like that. Also One last thing if the student was an African-American, it would of never happen, period.

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