Crews who have been searching for constable in Cameron, South Carolina since he went missing on Monday night have found a shallow grave near Interstate 26. Sixty-seven year old constable Robert Lee Bailey was last seen making a traffic stop about fifty miles from the grave. There were reports of gunfire heard down the road a few minutes after the sighting, and nearby, Bailey’s hat and gun were found in a pool of blood followed by his burning police cruiser. Twenty miles away, crews later found his badge and handcuffs in a pile of burned rags before the grave was discovered on Saturday.

The main suspect in this case is chief suspect, Walter Fayall, 24, who is being held on federal gun charges but has not been charged in this case. Also, Asia Prioleau, 22, of Hopkins, faces one count of accessory after the fact to murder. Prioleau may be involved in helping to move the body from a home in Lincolnville where some of Bailey’s blood was found.

Bailey had been a volunteer constable in Lincolnville for five years in a town that has only one paid police officer. He was one of 2,000 constables in the state of South Carolina and one of eighty to be considered advanced constables. This old fashioned title prompted me to look up to see what duties come with this position. I found that a constable is a type police officer who still has full law enforcement authority, including arrest powers. All laws are separated into codes, and constables are responsible for enforcing these codes, except for city ordinances. They are elected on the county level and are above a city officer in range of authority within their assigned precinct. Elected constables are the chief administrative officer of their office, oftentimes appointing deputy constables to serve under them. One of their duties is to enforce traffic laws, as Bailey was doing the night he went missing.

Police and crews plan to take their time excavating the grave site to make sure that no clues or evidence are disturbed. Then, identification of the body will immediately take place.

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