Year after year the Yankees dominate television. If you don’t have a satellite dish or cable television and want to watch baseball, you better like the Yankees because that is who you are going to see.
    It is assumed they will be the most liked team because they are from New York. Their astronomical payroll assures they will be a threat year after year.
    Fortunately, in baseball, teamwork and talent sometimes overcome the benefits of a limitless payroll.
     Who would have thought the Tigers, baseball’s laughing stock for several years, would suddenly be the more talented team? The Yankees at times looked old (Randy Johnson), injured (Wright), rattled (Rodriguez) and overmatched and overpaid (the entire team not named Jeter) by the younger, lesser paid, fresher Tigers.
    Let’s hope the networks take notice and next year give us less Yankees and more…well…everyone else. Better a bad Reds-Brewers game than a good Yankees-anyone episode.

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