Several weeks ago I was introduced to the strange case of Sgt. Patrick Rust by Denny Griffin of Crimewire. It is a cold case, 2007 although the events only happened five years ago, it has long since entered the dusty file section for the investigators. You can read a basic synopsis of the case on The story that Denny Griffin told me was a very disturbing one. Denny and his Crimewire team only take on cases that have a ‘solvable factor’.

The Patrick Rust case has that factor. I invited Denny Griffin and his fellow Crimewire investigator Bill Sullivan to join us on The Sunday Afternoon Murder Club radio program. You can listen to the recording here.

There are a number of aspects to this case that really bother me. I just want to look at one. Maybe it is taken out of context, maybe I am off the mark.

Lets take the same walk that Patrick Rust took. (Hit the Play button)

It is less than a mile. But it begs many questions. Patrick had moved into this apartment 24 hours earlier. He grew up in the area, so the town was not an unknown to him, Patrick enjoyed drinking. We are led to believe that his favorite hangout was the American Legion, there was one right next door to the apartment building he had just moved into. His destination however was The Clueless.


To get there he had to pass several other watering holes, why? Research shows that he had never been in The Clueless before. What drew him to this location?

If Patrick Rust wanted a drink, why walk almost a mile.
If Patrick Rust wanted a whole lot of drinks, why walk a mile?

If Patrick Rust wanted to get ‘wasted’ why walk a mile?

A mile there, means a mile back. Why didn’t he pick a watering hole closer to home?

Was Patrick Rust lured to this bar? If so, by who? For what reason?

There have been statements made about The Clueless, of course they are ‘off the record’. It is a gay bar! Not so. It is that typical small bar that serves a wide clientele. I have seen many of them, a biker walks in, its a biker bar, a lesbian walks in, its a Dyker bar, etc.

It doesn’t matter how I slice and dice the data, I keep coming back to the question, why did Patrick Rust walk a mile for a drink?

Sure he sort of knew the area, but had been gone for a while. One would have thought that he might want to check out the bars close by first? What did The Clueless have that no other bar had?

This is only a tiny piece of the puzzle, but I have a hunch that once this question is answered, the other puzzle parts will fall into place.

Simon Barrett

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