The 2007 death of Sgt. Patrick Rust is a mystery worthy of exploration. You can get a feel for the case by reading but this hardly does the story justice! The Crimewire team of Denny Griffin and Bill Sullivan have been investigating. We focused on the case on a recent radio broadcast.

I received a curious document today, it was released by the Army under a FOIA request. It is a simple flow chart of the ‘supposed’ timeline of events in the Patrick Rust investigation. Although it is redacted, it is pretty easy to fill in the blanks.

It is possible to quibble over the exact times quoted, but that is hardly here or there. A much larger problem is what is missing from this picture, and the accuracy of the information that was deemed worthy by the investigators to put on it.
These pictures are too small to appreciate, but fear not..



Let us start at the beginning.


Not much of interest here. So let us move on.


Ah, this is a lot more interesting. A major question has been why did Patrick Rust go to the Clueless Bar, a place that he had never been to before. Was it this ‘old friend’ that lured him there? One has to hope that the Army investigators did a check of the phone records…

The next event on the timeline is.


One might think that exactly how much money Patrick Rust withdrew from the bank might be of some interest.

I doubt that the mighty investigative might of the Armed Forces could not have found this out via a simple phone call! Banks do generally keep records!

Apparently Patrick Rust bought one PSP game at the shopping mall.

Did he? There seems to be some discrepancy as to what he bought. But I am sure that we will discuss that in another article.

So Patrick Rust, not wishing to get a tan decided to walk home. The timeline says.


However it also says…


Boy, they must have been breaking the speed limit, 15 minutes to go two blocks!

Next is the trip to the bar


I am not quite sure what to make of this information. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Suddenly The Clueless seems to be the local hot spot.

Our investigators then add.


The final entry on the timeline is this


This timeline though seems to be a little lacking in hard data.

According to this timeline, nothing happened for 6 months! Well what happened later that morning?Where are the mentions of the ‘room mate’ phoning and/or texting at 5:10am that Patrick Rust would miss the 7:30 muster at Fort Drum? Where are the mentions of the Army team (incidentally breaking code) bagging and tagging his personal belongings, oh and losing some of them? Oh, and accidentally misplacing the inventory sheets?

We can kill Osama Bin Laden, but apparently we cannot manage to bag and tag a few items for a soldier that had done his time in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of war.

This flowchart of events put out by the the Army is interesting and indeed educational. One wonders if all of their paperwork is this detailed…..

Simon Barrett

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