Patron Relates How Young Men Taunted, “Roared at Lions”

Short Walls, Loudspeakers and Signs Offered as Protection

Zoo  Director: “Something Prompted Our Tiger to Leap over Exhibit”

What Prompted Same Tiger to Tear Part of Zoo Keeper’s Arm Off in September? 

The current debate over the mauling of two brothers and fatal attack of 17-year-old young man by a Siberian tiger at the San Franciso Zoo is not whether the zoo’s tiger grotto walls were high enough to keep a tiger inside its enclosure but whether the young men had “taunted” the tiger.

That this incident of purported “taunting” mitigates the zoo’s responsibility to ensure the animals are unable to escape their exhibits and puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the young men, one of whom is now dead.

In a San Francisco Chronicle article, zoo patron Jennifer Miller reported that she, her husband and children saw four young men at the big cat grottos and that three of the men were teasing the lions. Ms. Miller said that she called the zoo to report the obvious “taunting.”

“The boys, especially the older one, were roaring at them. He was taunting them,” the San Francisco woman said. “They were trying to get that lion’s attention. … The lion was bristling, so I just said, ‘Come on, let’s get out of here’ because my kids were disturbed by it.

Miller called their behavior “disturbing.”

Her family was looking at the lions when the young men stopped beside them at the big-cat grottos – five outdoor exhibits attached to the Lion House. The young men started roaring at the lions and acting “boisterous” to get their attention, said Miller, who added that she watched the four for five minutes or so a little after 4 p.m.

“It was why we left,” she said. “Their behavior was disturbing. They kept doing it.”

So what did the zoo do?

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San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack: Blaming the Victims 


San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack: Blaming the Victims

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