The San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack stories Touched off a Debate

How High Can Tigers Leap? How High Can Tigers Jump? 

Were the Zoo Visitors Impaired? 

Was it Right to Shoot the Tigers? 

Little Baby Ginn did a story about the San Francisco Zoo tiger attack a few days ago.

In the story, which was breaking at the time she wrote, the media was speculating about how the tigers at the San Francisco Zoo might have escaped.

There were reports of boards being tossed in to help the tigers, guesses about how the tigers may have been taunted, even that someone may have opened the door for the tigers.

Jack Hanna, noted animal “expert” said it was “virtually impossible” for the tigers to have leaped from the tiger enclosure. Like any expert, just when your words get their widest media exposure, that’s when you’ll most likely to be mistaken.

About the only theory that we didn’t read in the media was that someone had slipped the tigers the key–and that one was floating around DBKP.

LBG quickly checked the references on tigers to discover that they could leap 30 feet. At that time, she could only find materials that stated the walls of the Tiger Enclosure at the SF Zoo were at most 20 feet.

Since that story, the zoo director has stated that the walls were only 12.5 feet high.

At any rate, a furious debate on tigers and their leaping abilities and whether a leap is different from a jump was set off in comments and emails.

It wasn’t the only questions debated.

Were the visitors “high”?

Was it right to shoot the tigers?

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SF Zoo Tiger Attack: Tiger Debate Touched Off 


SF Zoo Tiger Attack: Tiger Debate Touched Off 

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