Two Brothers ‘Psychologically Impaired’? 

Speculation Still Continues Concerning the Escape

Authorities Still Working to Piece Together Details of Deadly Attack 

According to the LA Times the scene where three young men were attacked by a Siberian tiger during a Christmas Day trip the San Francisco Zoo was chaotic and fraught with misinformation. The Times also notes that an investigation revealed that the tiger was “not intentionally let out.” Another piece in the puzzle as to how a 350pd Siberian tiger escaped its enclosure to maul three young men, one fatally.

Seventeen pages of dispatch notes released from the San Francisco Police Department told a tale of confusion after zoo employees contacted 911 from the cafe where two brothers had run to escape from the Siberian tiger.

At 5:08pm:

“A very agitated male is claiming he was bitten by an animal,” the cafe worker said.

The tiger attack began just outside what is known as the “Tiger Grotto.” Seventeen-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr. and his two friends, brothers, 23-year-old Kulbir Dhaliwal and 19-year-old Paul Dhaliwal, were outside the tiger enclosure when the 350pd Siberian, Tatiana, attacked Kulbir.

Carlos and Paul yelled at the tiger who turned his attention to the 17-year-old Carlos, allowing the now injured Kulbir and Paul to escape.

For some reason the zoo personnel dispatch thought the two brothers were “psychologically impaired.”

Zoo personnel dispatch now say there are two males who the zoo [considers] 800 [police code for psychological impairment] . . . But one is in fact bleeding from the back of the head . . . at the Terrace Cafe.

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Confusion, Chaos During SF Zoo Tiger Attack 


Confusion, Chaos During SF Zoo Tiger Attack

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