In what has to be the most inane news story of the week a 5 year old boy has been written up for sexually harassing a fellow student.

The boy’s father received a notice from a HAGERSTOWN, Md. school informing him that his son is guilty of pinching a female classmates bottom, and this constitutes sexual harassment according to the local school district.

I am sure that we are all in favour of stopping sexual harassment, however when this is pointed at a 5 year old boy, who’s father says..

“He knows nothing about sex,” Vallance told The (Hagerstown) Herald-Mail for a story published Wednesday. “There’s no way to explain what he’s been written up for. He knows it as playing around. He doesn’t know it as anything sexual at all.”

Houston we have a problem! The being ‘Politically Correct’ movement has transitioned society into a very strange arena.

The part I liked best..

“The spokeswoman says the reprimand is a learning opportunity for the boy even though he may not understand that what he is doing is sexual harassment”

Sometimes I think people need a smack round the face to wake them up. We are talking about a 5 year old, not some lecherous old man!

A 5 year old knows nothing about sex. Generally speaking 5 year olds get along just fine, in fact I would be willing to bet that if Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell were 5 years old they would be happily playing in the same sandbox!

Simon Barrett

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