The technology industry is still very much a male dominated world. There are very few workers that are female or of colour. Because of the nature of start-ups there room is a lot of discrimination. The majority of start-ups are made up of small, tightly knit groups of friends. People that basically think alike and usually look alike. As these companies grow, and they often grow very rapidly, they employ other people who are not part of the founding group of friends. Many of these people employed by the start-ups especially women have reported cases of abuse. The levels of sexual harassment in Silicon Valley range from sexual propositions to unwanted touching.

However, this horrible trend is not only limited to start-ups. Even more established tech companies are having to deal with issues to do with sexual harassment. Recently a top executive at Uber had to step down following accusations of sexual harassment at his former job at Google. However the situation is a lot worse at newer companies that have not had the chance to set up a proper HR department. Although one would think with the new found wealth the start-up founders would invest in a management team.

Even some of the top female executives in the tech industry also complain of sexual harassment in the workplace. Ellen Pao, the former Reddit CEO lost a high profile discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. It is such cases that have given other women the courage to speak-up.

Whether it is intentional discrimination and harassment or plain stupidity, the perpetrators must be brought to book. It would be embarrassing that as a society we demand that online gambling sites like Maple casino online and other popular iGaming brands follow regulations yet we let CEO’s ignore fundamental employee rights.

It is the fraternity kind of environment that gives rise to such unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. Where friends of founding members are not brought to justice when they sexually harass a colleague. This occurs usually occurs when the abuser is considered very valuable at the company. The common result of reporting such cases is increased discrimination. In the end most of the victims end up leaving the company.

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