It was a wise man that made the comment that good news does not sell Newspapers. You only have to read the front page of any large (and usually syndicated) paper to see that.

There are so many ‘bad stories’ that today the press is forced to cover only the very worst!

Without doubt the absolute worst story that did not get covered this week concerns a Sex Trafficking case out of Ft Lauderdale, Florida. It is easy to see the bawdy humor that might be found in a juicy bordello story, certainly the Heidi Fleiss case revealed that. But there is a seamier side to prostitution, what happens when girls as young as 14 are persuaded to join the payroll?

For a background on this sad case I suggest that you read this article.

As the events happened in his backyard I asked Southern Florida based Criminal Defense Attorney John Contini his thoughts (directly aimed at Jan) the author:

You’re right, Jan, they’re sick and worse yet, they know better. It’s one thing if you’re sick and you don’t know any better; but when you use walkie talkies and earpieces and carry firearms and provide dope to the minors (before causing them to have sex with you first, ostensibly to see if they can perform), why that’s a whole lot more than just evidence of a sick or twisted mind; it’s evidence of a knowing, willful series of intentional acts designed to profit off the bones of children, at the expense of their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, welfare and entire future. They won’t be able to find themselves through this fog of victimization for many, many years to come, if at all. They’ll face the justice system now, but more problematic even still, they’ll face the God of Justice when the time is right, and they’ll wish forever and ever that they never did these horrific deeds.

Equally disturbing this week was a story concerning a stage four cancer victim. She had been told that she had two months to live. Medical solutions were exhausted. Mrs Kim wanted only one thing, to spend her last few days on the planet in her birth country South Korea. I do not believe that she is a wealthy woman, it was merely her wish. Read this story and be is shock and awe!

The shock and awe also continues in the Florida murder trial of Casey Anthony. The case has been simmering for almost three years, and finally it is getting the fabled day in court. It did not take much time for accusation of incest, abuse, and possible collusion to muddy the waters.

It does not matter how you view it, todays news is all bad. Gone are the days where if you read the daily paper you got news, and if you wanted tittilation you picked up a copy of a tabloid at the supermarket.

I will end by misquoting a comment made by Casey Anthony, and repeated four times this week:

Here’s you f’ing gas cans news.

Simon Barrett

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