Jay Rankin has just released a great book Under The Neon Sky. For a period of six years he worked as a night doorman at the then brand new MGM Grand in Las Vegas. His book details his travails during this time. It is not a salacious expose of what the rich and famous did, rather it is a peek inside the hidden world that the visitor never sees. Behind the glitz and glamor is a rather ugly beast. You can read my review here.

On Saturday Jan23 at 1pm central, 11am west we will be putting on a BNN radio special. It has the makings of a must listen to program. We will be taking you behind the scenes of Las Vegas.

Joining me to talk about the drugs and sex scene of the city will be Jay Rankin. Jay now resides in Los Angeles but two weeks ago was in Vegas for some TV interviews, it will be interesting to see how his thoughts about the city have changed.

We will be joined from Las Vegas by author and crime writer Denny Griffin. Denny has written several books about Las Vegas and in particular its ties to the world of organized crime. He has many connections with ex-members of the mob, and is hoping to bring along a very special guest. A gentleman that turned Federal Witness in 1997, and was responsible for establishing a drug route from Los Angeles to New York, and important link in that chain being Las Vegas. I am sure that he will have some interesting things to say on the subject.

From Georgia we will be joined by Armando Aldazabal who is the author of two drug oriented books. He saw the drug culture up close and personal in southern Florida and has seen the damage that they can cause.

The question that we must ask is if Las Vegas is any worse than any other large city? Is the drug world more prominent there than say Los Angeles or New York? I suspect that the answers may come as a surprise to many.

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What about the sex trade? Is that more prevalent than elsewhere? The answer to that is likely yes. The reasons are two fold, one in parts of Nevada it is legal. The second factor is demand. Vegas is a city that people view as somewhere that anything goes. For some people the standard rules of behavior cease to exist the moment they exit McCarron airport.

To listen in just point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before we go on air, you will see the link to the program on the main page.

Simon Barrett

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