Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect 

It is shocking and shaking news from the people of Nandigram that the state of West Bengal has waged a war against them with an intention of occupying their farm land, fish ponds, homes and hearths. As per the latest information, thousands of Police on entering the area, this morning, started firing, and at least 100 people are killed while hundreds are wounded lying on the street. About 45 people died in the hospital and over 50 + were killed in the villages. There is no count of the dead; the police threw their dead bodies clad in jute bags in the river. Police are forcibly taking away the dead bodies. Women are at the forefront and have faced the attack the most. Children and men along with women are on the streets coming out of homes and villages to stop the brutal State and Party forces who are trying to take the territory under siege for SEZ with MNCs. We are also informed that media persons were stopped from witnessing the brutal atrocities while two media persons from TARA News are said to be missing 


Several villagers, including women and children, are missing after the police clashed with villagers in India’s eastern West Bengal state, news reports said Sunday.

Villagers claim that as many as 400 people could be missing from two pockets of Nandigram, about 140 kilometres south of West Bengal capital Kolkata, where the police fired on protesting farmers and political activists on Wednesday, NDTV television channel reported.

The villagers were protesting against the state government plan to acquire cropland to set up an industrial zone including a chemical hub financed by Indonesia’s Salim Group.

While the police claim many residents had run away fearing violence, villagers say they have no information about their kin who have not returned for over three days.

Anubha Khera, who has a bullet wound in her leg and is being treated at a hospital near Nandigarm, was quoted as saying that her husband was in hospital and both her children were lost in a stampede that followed the police firing.

“They are not at home. They are missing,” she told NDTV.

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