Dangerous and counterfeit products, hacking government systems and espionage all have one thing in common, they are likely to originate from China.

The latest example of this is being reported by the AP:

Two men attempting to board a plane to China with nearly a dozen sensitive infrared cameras in their luggage were arrested on Saturday, a federal official said.

Federal agents stopped the pair on the jetway as they were preparing to board the flight to Beijing.

The men had been in the United States for about a week, said Rick Weir, assistant special agent in charge of the Los Angeles office of the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security.

Yong Guo Zhi, a Chinese national, and Tah Wei Chao, a naturalized U.S. citizen, were arrested for investigation of trying to take thermal imaging cameras with potential military use to China without the proper export licenses, Weir said.

In February of this year, the FBI highlighted two high profile cases involving Chinese espionage.

Again, whether it involves defective goods, hacking or stealing military secrets — the Chinese seem to be having a field day victimizing the citizens of the United States and the World.

Is the cheap labor they provide for a lot companies worth all the risks we are taking by allowing them “free trade status?”

Additional examples of Chinese espionage, hacking and defective products written about on this blog, can be seen, here.

Full AP story on this latest development in the ongoing saga, here.

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