A group of about 200 apparently very old and memory-challenged radical left individuals got the month mixed up and held their annual May 1st Berlin riot on April 1st instead.

Police were obviously taken off guard as the colorful old codgers suddenly began erecting barricades and burning and breaking stuff after a “leftist scene” street festival in Friedrichshain. The anti-festival was apparently organized as an anti-warm-up for other upcoming anti-events planned in connection with anti-things like the EU’s 50th Anniversary held in Berlin last week (they got the date mixed up on that one, too, but better late than never) and the G8 summit to be held at the Baltic this summer.

Although most of the ancient anarchists were said to be not quite sure anymore about precisely what it was they were demonstrating against or why they were destroying things, this didn’t really seem to bother anybody because most of these ancient anarchists were never really quite sure about what it was they were demonstrating against or why they were destroying things even when they were younger.

“We have always seen May 1st to be the proper day to demonstrate against, uh, what was it again?” Screamed one agitated oldie into a bullhorn he had forgotten to turn on. “That’s right,” snapped another old fart leaning on a cane next to him. “And as long as the Americans refuse to pull their troops out of Vietnam,” he continued. “And provided we haven’t kicked the bucket, of course, you can bet that we’ll be back here next May 1st, too.”

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