Senegal’s General Fall Praises Guinea Bissau’s security for helping fight international terrorism! Why was The  Gambian security snubbed in a “refined” way?!
Terror Threats:Head of Senegal’s gendarmerie “Miltary Police” calls for vigilance.(Translations of french article hereunder was done bearing in mind the context-See for original version).
The head of the Senegalese national gendarmerie or national “military police” General Abdoulaye Fall has alerted heads of gendarmerie or “military police” posts to be extremely vigilant,prior to the forthcoming Organization of Islamic Conference due to be held in Dakar on the 13th of this coming march. During a seminar that was held in Kaolack(a regional city about 80KM from the town of Karang a focal point marking the border between The Gambia and Senegal, the general expressed his feelings without mincing his word). The seminar was organized to serve as refresher course for 17 heads of various military posts,during the session the strong man of the gendarmerie or “military police” called for extreme vigilance,he also reiterated the need for such vigilance to be used as a guiding principle while closely monitoring the activities of people using the borders between Senegal and its neighbouring countries. At the same time General Fall was quick to remind the parties affected that he is a person who respects human rights,therefore this principle should always guide the officers on the ground when exercising their duties. Likewise the General also sees a lot of importance towards calling his officers in uniform to be extremely vigilant,ultimately making it possible for Senegal to organize the said summit in a very responsible way while combatting international terrorism alongside. Neighbouring countries like Guinea Bissau have already demonstrated their readiness in that regard by arresting two citizens of Mauritania who were earlier on accused of shooting 4 French tourists to death on Mauritanian soil. These two individuals have been identified as being people close to Alqaeda,they also posed a threat to Guinea Bissau.
The Senegalese took this opportunity to assure participants intending to attend the said summit of their total security at any time and at all levels.
(Prepared by the Freedomnewspaper’s translation bureau).
Editor’s Comments:What strikes everybody on this article is the way Senegal chose to snub The Gambia. Isn’t it worrisome to see Dakar especially through General Fall the head of the national military police or gendarmerie ‘sidelining’ Banjul in such a delicate and serious question like the combat against terrorism? More so during such an international event thats taking place in sister Republic like Senegal? Its mind boggling to say the least. Is The Gambia not trusted? Looking at the demography and family geography thats ties the two countries together, it beats one’s imagination in this case. Why? Because Guinea Bissau’s muslim population cannot be compared to The Gambia’s. Alos the close ties that exist between our people and Senegal are too close to ignore! As far as origin,geography and socio-political interest is concerned what blends Dakar and Banjul is far more condensed than what exists between the former and Bissau. So why mention Bissau and decide to snub The Gambia? After all what happened to the long speeches of SOS Johnson at the Kairaba hotel? What happened to VP Isatou Njie Saidy’s sweet words with Macky Sall,Gadio and others?
Will President Jammeh attend the OIC Summit?
French version hereunder…..

Menaces terroristes : le Haut commandant de la gendarmerie appelle à la vigilance
Le Haut commandant de la gendarmerie nationale, le général Abdoulaye Fall, a appelé les commandants de Brigade de gendarmerie à plus de vigilance, à l’approche du sommet de l’OCI, prévu pour se tenir à Dakar le 13 mars prochain. A l’issue d’un séminaire organisé à Kaolack à l’intention de 17 commandants de Brigade, le patron de la gendarmerie a rappelé l’extrême vigilance qui doit être de mise au niveau des frontières des régions frontalières du Sénégal. Le général Fall s’est dit sensible aux questions liées aux Droits de l’homme, en raison des pouvoirs qui sont entre les mains des gendarmes dans l’exercice de leur métier. Le rappel à la vigilance est d’autant plus important selon lui, que le Sénégal accueille cette manifestation internationale dans un contexte mondial de lutte contre le terrorisme a-t-il déclaré. Les pays de la sous-région, la Guinée-Bissau notamment, ont renforcé leurs dispositifs de sécurité, après l’arrestation de deux jeunes militants salafistes, accusés du meurtre de quatre touristes français en territoire mauritanien. Ces deux militants supposés proches d’Al Qaeda ont proféré des menaces contre la Guinée Bissau. Les autorités sénégalaises ont toutefois rassuré les participants au prochain sommet, quant à leur sécurité

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