So what were those doctors involved in the bomb attacks in London and Glasgow thinking when they took the Hippocratic oath a few years ago? That’s the solemn pledge taken by those about to practice medicine, embodying a standard of medical ethics. It begins, “First, do no harm.”

The Washington Post revealed today that seven of the eight in custody for the bombing and attempted bombings are either doctors or doctors in training. Approximately 90,000 of the doctors working in Britain earned their M.D. degrees in foreign countries – including nearly 2,000 medical degrees from Iraq alone.What this confirms is what many experts have known all along: that those who blow themselves and others to shreds with bombs are not always disaffected or unemployed teenagers, they are frequently white collar terrorists. And with advanced education come even more sadistic and perverted motives.Writing for the online magazine Slate, Christopher Hitchens uncovers the alarming truth that one of the car bombs was parked outside a club in Piccadilly because it was “ladies night.” The obvious intent was to punish the “slags” wearing short skirts and revealing tank tops, swilling down drinks at half price, and who were in the club to attract attention from the men. No head-to-toe burkas or veiled faces here. What could be more repulsive and antithetical to a fanatic Muslim car bomber than the filthy lifestyle of these lowlife tarts?

And so women in particular, notes Hitchens, were the obvious targets: “The murderers did not just want body parts in general, but female body parts in particular.” Also employed was the familiar terrorist tactic of having a second car loaded with explosives and nails a short distance away, so that people who came into the street to aid the injured would be shredded by a second explosion. Those doctors think of everything!

It is not merely a hatred of “loose women” that drives the jihadists crazy. “It is important to understand the contempt of life itself that is at the root of their ideology,” writes James Robbins in The National Review. “Simply enjoying oneself is a capital offense. Hence the intended set of targets in London: nightclubs and their patrons.” These were simply young Londoners out having a good time. That alone was enough to seal their fate in the eyes of the terrorists. Add to the mix a club hosting “ladies night” and all the exposed flesh that implies, and the bombers began frothing at the mouth.

Fortunately, the two car bombs in London were duds – the explosions intended to be triggered by a cell phone fizzled. Apparently bomb electronics is not taught in Middle Eastern medical schools. Sorry, wrong number. The vehicle used in the attack on the airport in Glasgow, Scotland did burst into flames, but only one of the terrorists was injured. He suffered severe burns and at this writing remains in critical condition in a Glasgow area hospital.

This hatred by the jihadists of Western women and their lifestyles has its counterpart in the feudal attitude toward women in many Muslim countries. Christopher Hitchens continues, “The most noticeable thing about all theocracies is their sexual repression and their determination to exert absolute control over women. Muslim families transplanted to Britain still practice honor killings, forced marriages, clerically mandated wife-beatings, incest in all but name, and the adoption of apparel for females that the male Muslims claim is an issue of free expression.”

Last week’s attempted bombing of a club hosting “ladies night” cannot be interpreted other than the terrorists’ twisted belief in a God-given right to slaughter females at random for anything more than their perceived immodesty. The penalty for a young British woman showing too much leg or cleavage is death. Not merely death, but painful death from a nail-studded bomb that burns and shreds flesh.

These are the enemies the Brits are facing from the subcultures in their country, the ones we faced on 9/11, and the adversaries we shall surely face in the future. Ironically, the U.S. Supreme Court is poised and ready to hear arguments in its next round of cases about how we treat these fanatics once they are captured and imprisoned under U.S. jurisdiction. Have we used just a little too much intimidation in ferreting out where the next bombing atrocity might occur? Are these bombers and would-be bombers to be treated as combatants and prisoners of war? Or are they merely disgruntled citizens of another country and thus entitled to all rights and privileges of a civil court of law? If, as in the recent London and Glasgow incidents, the perpetrators have advanced educations, they will surely know how to manipulate our legal system and its many “quiddities,” as Shakespeare once put it, to their advantage.

Both Britain and the United States are victims of terrorist exiles from other countries who are exploiting our traditional hospitality. We whistle in the dark and comfort ourselves by saying, “See, nothing has happened since 9/11 – so why all the inconvenient security checks and three-hour check-ins at the airport?” But we are still dealing by long distance (for now) with those who preach a cult of death and who despise westerners with a white-hot hatred. It is warfare, pure and simple, and a conflict that will likely endure well beyond our lifetimes. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

– Chase.Hamil



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