April 4, 2008 – Senator Obama is conveniently evading the question about his Islamic heritage. He consistently maintains he is a practicing Christian. However, the American electorate has a right to inquire about his early religious upbringing and observance while he was a child. Obama denies his primary educational background in Islam, however closest childhood associates and even his former educators all maintain they have recollections of the candidate during his years of Islamic primary education. Still however, Obama denies the connections and affiliations with the religion of Mohammed.

Regardless of his religious convictions, past and present, Senator Obama needs to come clean about his past and declare his Islamic roots and faith. If indeed the candidate is a convert to Christianity after being raised as a Muslim, then the American public has the right to know what factors in his young life and young adulthood motivated him towards this metanoia towards Christianity.

The American Constitutional right to religious freedom is deeply embedded in the psyche of the American Democratic process. Senator Obama need not fear any discrimination or retribution on the part of Americans because of his past or present religious beliefs. Our entire American experience guarantees all citizens freedom of choice in expression and faith.

The real question that needs to be asked is: Why is there a need on the part of Senator Obama to hide his primary educational experiences in the Koran principles.

Every day millions of American children are educated with the principles and faith of their parents. Traditionally, this religious education for Catholics, Jewish, Islamic and indeed all other families of faith is entrusted to the convictions of parents. Part of the human experience of adolescent development starts with the choice to follow a religious conviction. The saga of Senator Obama’s religious trek from a child raised in the precepts of Islam, to a Christian believer should be a natural part of his biographical history, open for all people to know, share and understand.

If indeed this Senator Obama aspires to serve in the capacity as America’s Chief Executive one component of this responsibility is to protect and defend the precepts of Christian government envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

Senator Obama is always quick to recall the fact that he was administered his oath of office in the United States Senate with his hand on the Christian Bible. The presidential oath of office is by tradition, since George Washington, to uphold the principles of the United States Constitution with the words, “…so help me God!” The God invoked in this oath is the Christian God of our Founding Fathers..

Senator Obama cannot continue to feign religious memory loss if indeed he intends to uphold the principles of our constitutional republic based upon the precepts and traditions of a Christian tradition of God.

Americans have a right to be fully informed of Senator Obama’s religious and personal foundations of faith and he has an obligation to inform us of them. He should stop the political charade that conveniently omits his religious and educational past.

Senator Obama, we know what religion you practice today. What we want to know, and have a right to know, is how you got there. Americans demand to know you will be upfront and honest about, not only your religious inclinations, but the proper exercise of any political office to which you might be elected…so help you God!

Hugh McNichol is a Catholic author that writes on Catholic religious topics and subjects. His articles can be found at www.catholicnewsagency.com  and www.verbumcarofactumest.blogspot.com , and www.pewsitter.com  

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