While the Senator from Idaho caught in an ongoing sting operation targeting an alarming rise in an Internet inspired culture of meeting strangers for gay sex in public bathrooms at the airport denies he is even a homosexual.

Sources close to the scandal and responsible members of the gay community have raised concerns over possible pedophilia behavior and wonder if Senator Larry Craig exposed children to lewd behavior during his romps in the stalls or solicited minors for sexual favors. While no victims have come forward to identify the republican senator, One wonders if its just a matter of time. 

Public awareness and vigilant police enforcement of public restrooms in parks in the last couple decades drastically reduced the number of pedophilia related incidents. But have the perverts who for the most part were chased away from the city parks started frequenting the nations air ports?

What parent be they straight or gay would feel comfortable allowing a child to use the public bathroom unattended if they faced being exposed to adults engaged in sexual behavior or risked encountering a Pedophile on the prowl.

Despite evidence to the contrary, The neoconservative Senator claims he is not gay. He insists he is a happily married heterosexual, and adoptive Father of two boys.

With democrats in control of the congress, sweeping it under the rug will not be an option the Senator who has been a champion of the evangelical religious rights crusade against gay rights will have to answer for his behavior.

In light of the circumstances local law enforcement in the Senators district also has an   obligation to assure the young boys adopted by the Senator are not at risk. 

P.S. Burton for the Phoenix Sentinel

You can e-mail Burton editor@phoenixsentinel.com  

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