Sen.Larry craig

 The Minnesota appeals court decided today, U.S. Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) may not withdraw his guilty plea to a charge of disorderly conduct at an airport restroom. The one time champion of the anti-gay rights movement who leaves office in January, Is still attempting to convince anyone who will listen he is not gay, and his arrest and conviction for attempting to solicit gay sex in an airport restroom, during an undercover sting operation conducted by the police in response to the concerns of the community, over gay guys seeking sex in public restrooms frequented by children is all a big mistake.

Larry claims he is a victim of prejudice, discrimination aimed at folks who require a wide stance in order to sit down on a public potty. The once respected lawmaker blames the elite liberal media for destroying his career and feels the incident has taken a serious emotional toll on his family, especially his two sons who he adopted when they were young boys.

The soon to be ex-Senator is best remembered for his severe tongue lashing of President Bill Clinton during the Impeachment, the Senator called President Clinton” a naughty boy, a very wicked, naughty naughty boy indeed.

Despite allegations from a bevy of gay men who claim Larry has been a potty prancer for years, The Senator continues to insist he is a confirmed heterosexual and rumor has it he will pursue a post senate career advocating for recognition of civil rights for Americans with wide stance potty syndrome, between his duties as a lobbyist at the Michael Jackson foundation for wayward and recalcitrant boys.

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