On occasion a reader of my posts will send an e-mail, More then a hundred folks took of their time to tell me they felt my post on pedophilia concerns in the Craig scandal were out of left field and muckraking.

How do I justify the leap from revelation of a tawdry indiscretion in a public restroom to passing along concerns for Senator Craig’s adopted children?

Men and women who cultivate political power more often then not do so for the right reasons.

The personality dynamic of those who stand for public office independent of the motivation requires they be a dominant individual. Passive people do not seek high office.

The revelations of Senator Craig’s criminal conviction related to his attempt to solicit a sexual encounter in a public restroom. Will in the next few days be expanded on by several news organizations, that relate credible first hand accounts which confirm what the Senator insists is not so, he is a homosexual.

The Senator, unlike Representative Frank for example, is also a champion of the anti-gay movement, His entire persona is the image of a devoted Christian family man who strives to promote traditional values and morality.

When a powerful dominant individual engages in conduct that is the antithesis of the face he or she shows to others it is a symptom of a serious personality dysfunction, When the behavior is sexual and the circumstance of interaction risks exposure and ruin it reveals a lack of basic impulse control.

The place of interaction, a public rest room in a busy metropolitan airport displays a lack of concern for the fact children frequent the area.

The Senator is a man who strives to use his power to control, suppress and deny the sexuality of others on a mass scale even while he engages in that same behavior. That makes him a sadist of the highest and most dangerous order.

So then we have in Senator Larry Craig a fellow who is a closeted gay sexual sadist with a proclivity for prowling the stalls of public restrooms.

I must still agree with those who question the motivations of someone with that mindset when they decide to adopt and nurture a couple of boys.

P.S. Burton

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