Disgraced Louisiana Senator David Vitter ® in search of some media attention he evidently hopes will assist his spiraling political fortunes, is holding up the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s choice to head the Federal Emergency management Agency, twenty one days before the start of hurricane season.

Craig Fugate who was Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s State emergency management director and enjoys the solid support of the State’s republican congressional delegation, will eventually be confirmed but experts warn, Senator Vitter’s decision to engage in political posturing, just a couple weeks shy of the start of hurricane season, will doubtless consequence a tangible cost in human lives or property.

The first of the 2010 election cycle polls, have the freshman Senator stuck below 50% in both GOP primary and general election challenges. While he is not the most vulnerable of Senate republicans, few political prognosticators predict, the one time champion of the religious right will be able to retain his seat, when the campaign season kicks into full swing and the Louisiana electorate, is reminded of the sordid revelations of prolific whore mongering that snuffed out his rising star on the National stage.

The Senator who rose to political power on the family values platform, was exposed in 2006 as a frequent client of the infamous D.C. Madam which lead to reports identifying him as a proliferate patron of prostitutes in his home state of Louisiana, while the national media declined to publish details of his tawdry lifestyle, informed sources did confirm with prostitutes and madams. The Senator had a penchant for what is referred to as strange in the underworld of vice, young looking prostitutes who dress as cheerleaders or attire themselves in Catholic school girl uniforms.

While no confirmed allegations have ever surfaced that claim the Senator sought out child prostitutes, experts in the field warn, patrons who seek out prostitutes specializing in fetish fulfillment of adolescent and child sex fantasy, by dressing as cheerleaders or school girls, pose a statistical propensity to commit crimes against children if the opportunity arises.              

Senator Vitter who confessed to his lifestyle before the national media, wife by his side has never been charged with any crime, and has expressed confidence the people of Louisiana, have forgiven his past lapse in morals and support him at the polls in 2010.

A link to a video of one of the Senators call girls can be viewed here

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