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Dirty money raised by Mr. Mehmet Celebi is in the hands of Senator Hillary Clinton. Celebi was listed on Clinton’s campaign website as a “Hill-raiser,”, those who have raised more than $100,000. Celebi was also nominated as a Democratic Convention by the Clinton campaign.

At issue, Celebi helped produce a film called “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq,” an anti-American, anti-Semitic Turkish film depicting a Jewish American doctor who extracts organs from Iraqi prisoners and exports them.

Just as alarming Celebi is a vocal denier of the Armenian genocide writing articles in Turkish publications, a Board Member of the American Turkish Associations of America and former President of the Turkish American Cultural Alliance, all of which take denialist positions.

The Clinton campaign claiming they were unaware of Celebi’s involvement is no longer raising money for the Clinton campaign. Unfortunately this issue has yet to be resolved.

The Jewish, Armenian, and all Americans should be aware that the Clinton campaign has yet to do the right thing.

The Clinton campaign must not keep dirty money, and strip Celebi as a Democratic delegate. Senator Clinton in the eyes of many must do the right thing otherwise her viability will be tainted.

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