Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican, Nebraska; is considering a run for President. Personally I find the idea of Chuck Hagel running for President to be very distasteful. I do not feel he has a level of maturity that is required to be Commander in Chief.

To start with, lets discuss the purpose of a non-binding resolution. What is a non-binding resolution… to put it mildly, a non-binding resolution is a waste of taxpayer money. It does nothing, it means nothing.

Lets take a look at the non-binding resolution that Chuck Hagel is co-sponsoring

Expresses the sense of Congress that:

  1. it is not in the U.S. national interest to deepen its military involvement in Iraq, particularly by increasing the U.S. military presence in Iraq;
  2. the primary objective of U.S. strategy in Iraq should be to have the Iraqi political leaders make the political compromises necessary to end the violence in Iraq;
  3. greater regional and international support would assist the Iraqis in achieving a political solution and national reconciliation;
  4. main elements of U.S. forces in Iraq should transition to helping ensure Iraq’s territorial integrity, conduct counterterrorism activities, reduce regional interference in Iraq’s internal affairs, and accelerate training of Iraqi troops;
  5. the United States should transfer, under an appropriately expedited timeline, responsibility for internal security and halting sectarian violence in Iraq to the government of Iraq and Iraqi security forces; and
  6. the United States should engage nations in the Middle East to develop a regional, internationally-sponsored peace and reconciliation process for Iraq.

The new popular phrase in anti-War circles is “Regional Diplomacy” when speaking about Iraq. But lets look at who you have to deal with…

  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Jordan
  • Saudia Arabia
  • Kuwait

This isn’t exactly an easy spot to try and work a diplomatic decision. We have the terrorist group Hebollah, which is backed by Iran and Syria destabilizing Lebanon. The same governments of Iran and Syria are also aiding the insurgents in Iraq. I would guess we have had more of our troops die to Iranian IED parts, than to any other weapon on the battlefield.

We have Iran’s President, the “Anti-Christ Superstar” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, still trying to attain nuclear weapons and not backing off his “Destroy Israel, the UK, and the US” rhetoric.

In the meantime, we have Saudi Arabia over producing oil, and fighting an oil price war against Iran, in an effort to bring Iran to the negotiation table.

Not exactly an area that is ripe with possibilities for assistance with Iraq

Now lets take a look at what is happening in Iraq since the President announced the surge.

So lets see here… we have an increase of Iraqi Political Leaders making compromises to end the violence by stepping up the enforcement of laws (2). We have the transfer of additional Iraqi forces to the Iraqi government (5).

Thus far it seems like the Iraqis are stepping up and doing what they said they would, and it seems that the President is already doing many of the things the resolution covers.

In the State of the Union the President said the following:

This is where matters stand tonight, in the here and now. I have spoken with many of you in person. I respect you and the arguments you’ve made. We went into this largely united, in our assumptions and in our convictions. And whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure. Our country is pursuing a new strategy in Iraq, and I ask you to give it a chance to work. And I ask you to support our troops in the field, and those on their way.

Sign the Anti “Non-Binding Resolution” Petition

Lt. General David Petraeus is the author of the counter-insurgency plan for the Army. He is the best man for the job, and was instrumental in coming up with the current plan to surge the troops.

Also the exchange between Lt. General Petraeus and Sen. Lieberman:

Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT): “What effect would Senate passage of a resolution of disapproval, of this new way ahead that you embrace, what affect would it have on our enemies in Iraq?”

Gen. David Petraeus: “Sir, as I stated in the opening statement, this is a test of wills at the end of the day, and in that regard, speaking purely as a military commander if confirmed… a commander in such an endeavor would obviously like to the enemy to feel that there’s no hope.”

Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT): “And a – a Senate passed resolution of disapproval for this new strategy in Iraq would give the enemy some encouragement, some feeling that – some clear expression that the American people were divided?”

Gen. David Petraeus: “That’s correct, sir.”

And there is the statement of Sec Def Robert Gates.

So nearly everyone who matters, the CINC, SecDef, and the Commander of Multi-National Forces – Iraq all say that this resolution would be a bad idea. And many of the items in the resolution are already being implemented as part of the original plan to surge the troops, and adjust the Rules of Engagement.

Furthermore, if Hagel really believes what he said:

“I think this speech given [Wednesday] night by this president represents the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam, if it’s carried out,” Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a potential 2008 presidential contender, told Rice.

Why did he join the Senate in unanimously (81-0) confirming Lt. General David Petraeus to the position of Commander MNF-I? There were 19 non-voters, but Sen. Hagel was not among them. Why would Sen. Hagel agree to send the man behind the “most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam” if he truly felt as strongly about this plan as he claims he does.

Given these facts, it has become evident to me that Sen. Hagel is nothing more than a media whore, looking to gain the attention of the under-informed mob. He is not looking out for what is best for the country, but only what is popular at the moment.

This shows a marked irresponsibility on his behalf, and in my mind makes his unelectable as President.

Sniper One is a mid-career Information System Administrator/Information System Security Professional currently living in Huntsville, Alabama. He is married, and the father of three sons.He has returned to the United States after working as a military contractor for a year near Kabul, Afghanistan; and several months in Iraq’s “Green Zone” 

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