The Democratic presidential hopefuls positions toward unrest in Tibet, typifies the stark difference between those who offer solutions based on text book foreign policy and statesmen who offer experience.

The Liberal left automatically blames China and demands condemnation, the reality is the peace loving Dali lama is to blame for the death’s and detentions, The blood is on the enlightened ones hands.Senator Obama said “I am deeply disturbed by reports of a crackdown and arrests ordered by Chinese authorities in the wake of peaceful protests by Tibetan Buddhist monks,” The person responsible Senator, was the Dali Lama who orchestrated the events and is delighted China responded with violence.
The God-King hopes to continue a decades old policy of manipulating events and force a boycott of the Olympics, The man is a master of getting children killed while looking to all the world like a person who preaches peace and love, the voice of reason and moderation as it were

China my friends is communist in name only, But Senator Obama at least till recently was being schooled in geopolitical issues by folks like Samantha Power, So I can appreciate why it is he is unaware the “issue” if you peel away the layers, is all about a God-Kings life long quest to restore himself to absolute power through passive aggression, A religion facing off against the Government of Chinas political need to consolidate power and establish cultural and economic stability.

China is doing a wonderful job of making market economy principles work in a totalitarian State attempting to transition into a representative Republic.

It will take China perhaps another fifty years to reach the level of freedom and democracy demanded by the far left and right, Russia is an example of what happens when people who have been subjugated for generations wake up and find themselves free. It’s great for the moment but then the trains stop running and the power goes out.

Barack Obama is beginning it seems, to embrace from the other side of the political spectrum. The very same foolish approaches to world politics that has made the presidency of George W, Bush such a disaster.
Someone needs to tell Senator Obama if he becomes President, Jeffersonian democracy is not a universal key that fires up the lead float in a parade of liberation, whilst the masses gather to shower us with flowers and praise for freeing them from the jack boot of a tyrant.

The Dali Lama is little more than the leader of a die for me cult and while lots of famous white people with money and ample free time can appreciate his brand of no responsibly for ones actions style of human interaction.
China over the last twenty years has made breathtaking strides toward improving the lot of the average individual and they have also made some serious mistakes, China wants the island of tawain back for the same reason they demanded Hong Kong, Not to ship all the poor Christians off to reeducation camps, rather the want of the Mother land is to matriculate the island into thier capitolistic portfiloio,

While the GOP preaches against the pinko commies in public, in private they invest and invest big as they should, after all Brother Bush and Brother Cheney have spent years borrowing heaping helpings of cash from China in hopes they could float the econmoy till the end of the term and pay for a war that generates even more cash for Haliburton.
Thats my view yours may be different.

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations

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