Even as the Senate is falling all over itself to seem like they are being stern with president Bush, even as they are puffing themselves up as populists and hearing “the people’s ” dislike of the war, the Armed Services committee voted unanimously to approve the nomination of Army Lieutenant General David Petraeus to command U-S forces in Iraq.

So, while members of the Senate want to pretend they are against the war, they quietly approve the a general who has vocally and forcefully advocated Bush’s troop surge plans!

Just one more example of the smoke screen the Senate has thrown up on this issue. Cynically acting as if they are heeding the anti-war call while approving the warrior that will put what amounts to a sort of escalation.

The Senate trying to have it both ways with the sole goal to undercut Bush.

But what they end up doing instead is undercutting the faith our troops have in the system backing them up and giving succor and support to our enemies. Petraus himself said as much in his confirmation hearings.

It’s great that this fine soldier was sent ahead with the Senate Committee’s stamp of approval, but while approving him they undercut his mission and effectiveness at the same time.

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