Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect

The US Senate approved long-stalled legislation on Thursday that is a key step toward India-US nuclear cooperation for the first time in three decades.


The vote was 85 to 12 after the Republican-led Senate defeated a handful of amendments that India said would kill the deal, including a requirement that New Delhi end military cooperation with Iran. That amendment failed 59 to 38.

The big Nuclear powers in the world have signed a deal or going to sign a civilian nuclear deal with India, while Harper reveresed what was signed by the Liberals. In the recent report, India was ranked about the top 10 in positive change on Kyoto. Nuclear energy is needed to meet the demands of the worlds fastest growing democratic economy. Canada needs to join the world to support developing countries like India who have shown responsibility in N-technology and reducing emissions. Harper, are you listening?

Several prominent Democrats joined in to support – among them Senators John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Paul Sarbanes and Joe Lieberman.

So I hear that the following folks were key in the vote against India Massachusetts Democrat Edward Kennedy, California’s two Democrat Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, New Jersey Senators Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez, and Illinois Democrat Barack Obama.

Ironically, they came from states which have the greatest concentration of Indian-Americans. The campaign to dethrone them has started. While Barack has ambitions to run for president, I think he better start working to save his seat!!


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