The U.S. Coast Guard, which celebrated it’s 217th birthday last Saturday, has saved 1,109,310 lives since 1790, according to a recent review of official records.

Originally founded by Alexander Hamilton as ten boats to stop smuggling, it has expanded it’s task to include search and rescue on all waterways.

However, like the story of other good people who risk their lives just doing their jobs, they get little publicity for their job.

Nearly every day local newspapers will write stories of rescues, but you will read about rescues, because these stories are usually only covered as “local” events, not something worthy of national newspaper, network or cable news.

For example, in today’s news is rescue of three men in Galveston Bay rescued by two Coast Guard boats and a local fire department. One man was caught in an airpocket under his boat, and probably would have died without prompt rescue….six stories on Google news.

In contrast to 262 stories about a “performance artist” who was arrested trying to attack the Queen Mary.

Similarly, few know that the Coast Guard rescued 30,000 people during Hurricane Katrina, because the story of Katrina was not framed by the MSM to laud the estimated 100 000 rescuers of various Government agencies, but was crafted to paint the Bush administration as incompetent, facts be damned.

Ironically, the Katrina rescue was not the largest one mounted by the Coast Guard: that happened in 1928, when 40 000 people (and 100 000 head of cattle) were rescued during the great Mississippi flood.

So the next time you read about the incompetence of government agencies, remember the one million people who owe their lives to this quiet but vital government agency.

So let’s wish a happy birthday to the  United States Coast Guard  and their 39,000 men and women on active duty, 8,100 reservists, 7,000 full time civilian employees and 35,000 auxiliarists.


You Tube has a video HERE of their top ten rescue videos.


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