It was stated on Fox News that each family’s share of the national debt is approximately $45,000.

In the attempt to make the amount more manageable, perhaps naming rights could be sold to various government landmarks or agencies in a manner similar to the way corporations currently purchase the ones to athletic stadiums.

For example, the Lincoln Memorial could be renamed “the Lincoln Mercury Lincoln Memorial”.

Social Security checks and statements could have boldly emblazoned across them “Brought to you by Depends Undergarments” or the name of a prominent retirement community in a given area.

The Capitol Building could have a giant Pepsi logo painted on it for the right price.

Prominent national parks could be sold off or contracted out as Disney resorts provided the Magic Kingdom agreed to leave these land holdings in a state close to natural. Given the levels to which gas prices are expected to rise over the coming years, it’s not like anyone other than the elites are going to be able to travel to enjoy these treasures anyway.

Since it has been hinted at in occultic circles that the Washington Monument is actually a gigantic phallus, it could be renamed “Trojan’s Washington Monument”.

Of course in each of these cases, steps could be taken to ensure that corporate influence would be limited to advertising and image purposes only.

Still distasteful and undignified?

Of course it is; but it less so than your children starving to death for lack resources available to feed them, being conscripted into Red Chinese slave labor factories, or having to surrender the nation’s daughters to Arab harems in the attempt to settle astronomical debt.

by Frederick Meekins

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