Among organizations that have threatened to Boycott Arizona are the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)

SEIU States on their website:

“Arizona has polarized our nation and given license to a racist, anti-immigrant underbelly that has no place in this country and this law must stop in Arizona.

“Now that we’ve made a public stand to protest this unjust law, we ask that you make a personal pledge to boycott intolerance with us by joining us.

“Sign the boycott pledge. It Stops in Arizona.”  

I grew up in Minnesota, in a politically active DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor) Family.  As a child, I was at gatherings where I met Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale.  My neighbor was a nurse for Humphrey in his final year. My mom was friends with Rudy Perpich and attended his inauguration. My family visited Don Fraser’s place on the St Croix.

I’ve also been a member of the union when working in Health care.   So I grew up thinking that Unions were a good thing.

And as an adult, I’ve lived the life of my husband and children; members of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. I’ve watched my family experience genuine racism and on occasion, was affected by it as well, although we’ve never allowed it to stop us from enjoying our lives.

But I no longer respect Unions, and in truth, the biggest source of racism that we as a family have encountered has, hands down, been from the liberal left; people that purport, either sincerely or as a means to other ends, to be the minorities “benefactor.”

Lord, save us from Democrat do-gooders.  They do so much more harm than good.

So, now that we are on the subject of degrading and dehumanizing leftist policy, let’s talk about the Unions.  

Here – look at this statement off of SEIU’s website

“We are the Service Employees International Union, an organization of 2.2 million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.”

Oh, that sounds all nice and pretty.  UFCW says something similar:

“UFCW members are from many backgrounds and walks of life, but come together as the UFCW for the shared goal of achieving the American Dream. The UFCW is about workers helping workers improve working and living standards. When we unite for better wages, benefits, and working conditions, we help protect and improve the livelihoods of all workers.  The UFCW is one union with one voice. We are committed to changing the places where we work and the communities where we live so that all workers have the opportunity to reach the American Dream.”

Okay – Unions began as bargaining agents for employees for the sole purpose of obtaining humane working conditions, right?  WHEN did they become – when did they obtain the AUTHORITY to be - standard bearers for not just the service I provide on the job, but for my life, the lives of my family, and …for society as a whole?  

Further, does SEIU have periodic referendums enabling all 2.2 million members to communicate their beliefs, so that they can be assured that they are, indeed, united in those beliefs?  What about the approximately 1/2 million people that are forced to be members and pay dues to the Union?  Are they united in the same beliefs as the Union as well?

Nevertheless, I concede that there are many who are content with their representation.  I was reading one happy union worker’s comments online –

“Unions are good in the following way.

“Their was one time when they called me into work, then when I got their, they told me they didn’t need me anymore. I called the Union and got paid for 4 hours, and I didn’t even work. I got paid 4 hours and didn’t even have to do anything. Their was also a time when they made me go home 1 hour early and I didn’t want to, I called union and got paid for it. Their were a few times when they were late for giving me break, called the Union and they made sure that they give me my breaks on time. Their was also time when they had me do physically labor, which was outside my job description, called union and they never made me do that again. My question is, why are unions so bad, they are always on the workers side and always look out for are best intrest.”

So…this guy is happy to be paid for not doing anything, and happy that his employer couldn’t ask him to do physical labor, and happy that no matter what’s going on in the shop, he’ll get his break on time.  This really sounds like a great worker; someone I’d definitely want to have on my payroll.  He’s sure living the American Dream.

I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t be using sarcasm.  In truth, the letter sounds like it was written by someone that’s never matured past the age of a spoiled teenager angry that mom interrupted his video game to get him to take out the trash.

And while Mr. Happy is singing Union praises …we’re watching the late great city of Detroit wither and die because the unions have run it into the ground.  What is it about simple economics that so many can’t understand?  How long are Unions going to continue to give millions of workers the impression that they have the right to demand ever increasing wages and benefits as well as a right to not work and still get paid?  Until the entire economy collapses?

This is a clear example of leftist policy doing more harm than good.  But there is more.

There are stories of SEIU making pacts with corporations, at the expense of workers, in order to expand the strength and membership of SEIU. 

Quoting from an article in the San Francscio Weekly;

“The secret deal worked out between SEIU bosses and nursing home owners denies union members the right to speak out, strike, or protect patients.”

 “It has involved trading away workers’ free-speech rights, selling out their ability to improve working conditions, and relinquishing their capability to improve pay and benefits, in order to expand the SEIU’s and Stern’s own power.”

Seems that the purpose of SEIU is no longer for the good of the worker.  It’s purpose is to perpetuate itself.  SEIU exists in order to exist.  Kind of like the BIA.

 When did this entity, created to help the oppressed worker, become the Oppressor of the worker?

And more. From everything I have seen of SEIU over the last couple years, from

  • Thugs beating a guy at a town-hall meeting, to
  • Andy Stern snuggling up to Obama and money, to
  • the video of Andy chirping “Workers of the World, Unite,” and “[W]e prefer to use the power of persuasion, but if that doesn’t work we use the persuasion of power,” to
  • SEIU and other Unions trying to force themselves upon unwilling home-care givers in Illinois

…and from all the stories we’ve grown up with about Jimmie Hoffa and other criminals running this massive con on the Blue collar worker; I have come to the conclusion that if I ever need help with a working situation, I certainly don’t need criminals to work it out for me.  I can do it myself.

And if I can’t, I’d rather scrape by, working a small hobby farm to feed my kids – as we once did fifteen years ago – than to give money to these charlatans.  There is no way I will ever pay dues to another Union, even though I am returning to the nursing profession this year – and I will strongly advise my children to never join a union either.  (After all - contrary to the belief of so many on the left - being a tribal member doesn’t mean one is ineptly dependent on others forever.)

All the lies, manipulations and threats … keeping the workers under their thumb.

What’s with these Liberals, these elites, who go through their life thinking they really do have the right to control the rest of us?  While it’s true that they might temporarily have the opportunity and power, they most certainly do not have the right.

And now, the SEIU and UFCW have the audacity to threaten to boycott Arizona because of a new law set in place to protect citizens of Arizona from increasing violence. 

Oh – that’s right.  Farmers and ranchers aren’t unionized.  As a result, rather than enjoy the dignity and worth that SEIU workers are said to enjoy, or feeling the pleasure and peace of the promised “more just and humane society,” they are to be treated as unimportant and unvalued collateral in SEIU’s continued climb for power and perpetuity.   

I guess drug cartels don’t phase SEIU much. The differences between SEIU and an organized gang are slight. 

What I am wondering is – when and how can we start Boycotting Unions?  

Where in our Constitution does it say that we are mandated to give money to thugs in return for their strong-arming of employers? 

If you are as curious as I as to how to get these monkeys off our backs, visit the website of National Right to Work. 

I looked at the site for the first time this week, after having heard about it from a friend. I wanted to make sure that the state I am living in won’t mandate me to join a Union when I go back to work.  About half the states currently have Right to Work (RTW) laws that allow a person to decline Union membership.  Workers in the remaining states need help fighting for that right. We can start to Boycott SEIU and UFCW right now – if people will help get that legislation passed in all 50 states.

To support citizens of Arizona in their effort to protect themselves and encourage other states to also step up to the plate;

Visit ‘Boycott the Boycotters’

Lisa Blogs at

To complain to the two Unions that are committed to Boycotting Arizona:

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) (800-424-8592)

International Office -1800 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) (202-223-3111)

International Office - 1775 K Street, NW Washington, D.C.  20006-1598

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