Blog Talk Radio host Kim Kolton and I have teamed up to create a new BTR show called Seeking Justice. In these programs we’ll take a look at past or current death cases in which investigations have allegedly been faulty or ineffective due to incompetence or malfeasance. In some instances suspicious deaths were ruled as accidents or suicides in spite of information and evidence indicating they may have been homicides. In others, deaths were determined to have been homicides, but the investigations failed to result in criminal charges and/or closure to families of the victims. We hope to make a difference in each of these cases by profiling them and generating renewed interest in closed or dormant investigations.

Our debut case will be that of Joshua Whittier. The 21-year-old was found dead on a beach in Santa Rosa County, Florida on February 18, 2007. His death was ruled an accidental drowning. However, disturbing evidence exists that Josh’s death may not have been an accident, but a homicide.

Josh’s mother – Melody Schmitt – has been battling the system for over two years in an attempt to get answers to her questions and/or the case reopened. To date her efforts have been unsuccessful, but she is continuing her struggle.          

Please join Melody, Kim and me at 9 pm Eastern on Tuesday, July 28, as we seek justice for Josh Whittier. You can listen to the show, call in or join the chat room, at

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