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Police and troops have stepped up security in Sri Lanka’s port city of Galle, one day after a bold suicide attack that killed at least two people, a police official said.Additional troop reinforcements were poured into the area while military patrols were also stepped up, even as a night curfew was eased early Thursday

A pro-rebel website reported that two Tiger boats successfully went ashore and militants carried out rocket-propelled grenade attacks against the harbour while the suicide bombing was underway.

The United States has warned its citizens against travelling to Galle in the wake of the attack. On Tuesday, the US embassy warned on its website of possible attacks in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

Since its independence in 1948, Sri Lanka has seen turbulent times marked by inconsistent government policies, nationalism and the emergence of conflict situations. The war is therefore a result of a deteriorating economic situation, rapid population growth, government educational policies and the emergence of Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism. Sinhalese nationalism has played a crucial role in the development of party policies and has a strong influence on public opinion. It has also shaped the nature of party competition and has contributed to major policy changes in successive governments which led to political instability.

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