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India is participating in a debate on reform and expansion of UN Security Council to be held at the world body on December 11, Government told the Lok Sabha today.
“The object is to keep focus on this vital issue while developing a model of UN Security Council that has wide support and acceptance. So far, the progress in this direction has been satisfactory,” External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said.

He said the reform and expansion of UNSC were considered by the Government as central to the process of UN reform which has been going on for some years.

This reform of the UNSC should encompass its expansion, both in permanent and non-permanent categories, as well as the improvement of its working methods,” Mukherjee said in a written reply.

India, he said, has been continuing to actively pursue the issue through coordination and engagement with Brazil, Germany and Japan known as the G-4 group.

As part of his further efforts to speed up the process of United Nations reform, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said the 15-member Security Council must change to reflect the new reality of international relations, and called on all Member States to find a compromise solution to resolve the impasse.

“No reform of the United Nations will be complete without reform of the Security Council. And, indeed, so long as the Council remains unreformed, the whole process of transforming governance in other parts of the system is handicapped by the perception of an inequitable distribution of power,”

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