Lou Dobbs ran a special on CNN’s This Week on 10-28-2006.  This special was a “town meeting” in San Antonio, TX titled Broken Borders.  Several guest speakers were invited on the show, including a Congressman, and representatives for various interest groups concerning the issue of illegal immigration.  I use the term illegal immigration because the act of entering the United States without the proper paperwork and by circumventing the legal channels, or by remaining in the United States after the expiration of a visa is, by definition, illegal.  Regardless of whom this might offend, it is an unarguable truth.

 The main issues brought up by this forum was the illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico and the danger of Other Than Mexican (OTM) crossings.  For the readers who are not familiar with OTM’s, these are non-Mexicans crossing into the U.S. with the thousand or so Mexicans crossing the southwest border, daily.  These OTM’s are becoming increasingly likely to be terrorists who have learned to speak spanish and have taken hispanic surnames.  Recently, we have identified several of these specific OTM’s doing just that in Venezuela and entering the U.S. through Mexico.

So what is the real issue?  Are we afraid of the Mexicans or the OTM’s.  The results of this show seem to say, both.  Mexico is the most wealthy latin american country, yet 40% of its population lives in poverty (according to the broadcast).  The government of Mexico is not interested in increasing the standards of living within its own country or reducing the migration of its people into the U.S.  The statistics given on the broadcast show that illegal aliens have caused the wages of american highschool drop-outs to decrease 8%, which has led to an increase in crime rates and incarcerations.  Statistics brought up on the broadcast showed 1/2 of the 11 million (or so) illegal immigrants are, themselves, dropouts and will cost the U.S. taxpayers $2 TRILLION over their lifetime in the U.S.  Their contribution, as stated by a guest named Rosa, is in the millions “since they have been coming here”, though she could not be more specific.  Questions posed by Lou Dobbs about whether the guest speakers felt Mexico should take responsibility for its own people met with opposition from the hispanic guests.  They believed that the U.S. should just do more to help the illegals once they are here.  In one case, Chad Lopez from the Southwest Worker’s Union claimed that “…no one is illegal”.  Another hispanic speaker from the audience stated that America was racist and colonialist and that the Mexicans were displaced indiginous peoples of the land who should be allowed to return freely (referring to what Mexican history teaches-the U.S. stole the land from Mexico.)  Indeed, there is cause for alarm here.

The argument in favor of these illegal immigrants is, they do jobs that Americans will not and we won’t have enough Americans to fill the jobs.  Additionally, the illegals supposedly contribute to the economy in taxes, social security contributions and purchasing power.  Arguably, however, one might ask how they contribute to taxes and social security if they are here illegally.  Do they have a legal social security card (number)?  Do they file taxes each year?  If so, they must be doing it fraudulently, which means illegally.  In this case, it does not matter how much they contribute or if they never get to claim any return because they are committing an illegal act.  This is neglecting the fact that their presence on our soil is illegal in the first place (whether they be latino, middle eastern, asian, european and so on.)   If our nation is one of ends justifies the means, then, logically, we should have no problem walking into any oil producing country and taking over because we need cheaper oil- not the way we would like to see our nation go.

Other concerns about hispanic illegal aliens brought up included Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazelton, PA’s statement that “illegal immigration is destroying small America…”.  Issues pertaining to this included overcrowding in jails, schools, emergency rooms (often using welfare for payment) and reduced efficiencies of our school system due to these issues.  The illegal alien issue has spilled over into most states in the Union making “Every city(‘s) a border city, now.” (Dan Stein, President of Fair)  Mistakenly, Sheriff Rick Flores from Texas stated “nobody ever complained about it before 9/11 (2001)”, referring to Mexican illegal immigration.  Though Lou Dobbs agreed, I disagree.  I recall issues during the 1990’s throughout the southwest.  California forwarded legislation on an English First bill and attempted to withdraw medical, educational and other aid to illegal aliens. Arizona has struggled with the same issues to the point where Chandler’s police department ran an operation to round up illegal aliens in its city-meeting with an enourmous hispanic uproar.  Though I am not certain how illegal aliens can file any motions in our court system, their tactic worked.

Sheriff Flores brought up that the main issue with illegal border crossings, from his perspective, is the crossing of OTM’s.  Though the Mexicans crossing the border pose a threat to our economy on a level as serious as large scale counterfeiting of U.S. money, OTM’s pose a simpler, more immediate and understandable threat.  While Mexican illegal immigration has the potential to sink our nation slowly, an OTM terrorist crossing could result in serious immediate damage to sensitive targets within our nation.  These attacks could result in a cascade effect from the weakening of our economy by non-OTM’s.  Though it may not have the same effect as the Goth insurgencies did on the Roman Empire, it is conceivable that our nation would cease to be the dominant power in the world, or even a major power in the world, for some time.  Worse yet, it may force a drastic change in our form of government and our way of life.  In response to either of these threats, the posed question, “should we build a wall along the southern border?” should meet with a resounding “yes” and perhaps “What else can we do?”.

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