Now we know who a Vanderburgh County Indiana poll worker was arguing with in the now semi popular exclusive WTVW FOX7 video showing possible electioneering practices at an Evansville Polling Precinct.

The Evansville Courier and Press is reporting that the Democratic Poll representative was bickering with was Republican Leon “Big Man” Collins. Collins is running to be a Delegate for the State Convention representing Ward Four the same Ward he was working at when caught off camera replying “This is McCain’s House,” to the woman Democratic Representative that was chanting “This is OBAMA’S House.”

The Evansville Courier and Press also Identified the Democratic Representative is veteran poll worker Kim Minor.

Both are in possible violation of Indiana Electioneering Laws.

According to Indiana law, no one may solicit votes or electioneer within 50 feet of a polling place and that Candidates may not enter polling places except to cast their own ballots which obviously Collins and Minor did.

The exclusive WTVW FOX7 video has made its way to the popular video site, As of Post time the video has recorded over 4,500 views, and was listed as the 89th most discussed video in the last 24 hours. You can view the video at

This is the link the the Evansville Courier and Press article,

The link for WTVW-FOX7 is

No word yet if charges have been filed, but I will Keep you posted!


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