In April The State Supreme Courts lifted an unofficial penalty moratorium. They rejected by a vote of 7-2 a challenge by two Kentucky death row inmates who argued the current lethal injection method inflicts needless pain and suffering in violation of a constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Texas was the fifth state to resume executions after the courts rejected the legal challenge to the three-drug cocktail mostly used in executions.

Today a 29 year old man was executed by lethal injection in Texas which makes the second execution since April in the state with two more to follow during the month of July. They have 14 others listed to be executed for this year. I guess the old saying is true, “Don’t Mess With Texas

Carlton Turner was convicted of murdering his adoptive parents, 43 year old Carlton, Sr. and Tonya, 40, in their Irving Texas home in August 1998.  Turner was only 19 at the time when he did the crime. He shot both of his adoptive parents in the head several times, then put their bodies in the garage and stole their money and jewelry. Later he decided to throw a party for his friends inside the house while they lie dead in the garage.

“I was immature and arrogant,” said Turner. “I look at life as it is, that these are the cards I am dealt with. To tell you the truth, I am not sad at all.’

Turner blames the murders on his anger and hatred he had inside him. He said he was sorry. “I still loved them,” he said. “What I did was wrong. There was a time when I had justification, but that’s all wrong.”

The first man that was executed since April was Karl Eugene Chamberlain on June 11. Derrick Sonnier is scheduled to be executed on July 23. He was convicted of killing a 27 year old woman and her 2 year old son in 1991.

Turner’s final words were an apology to his family. “I know I was wrong. I accept responsibility as a man,” he said.

Jan Barrett

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