John Murtha, a porkbarrel congressman from Pennsylvania, embraced the anti war left before the last election in a bid to get Harry Reid’s job. Murtha didn’t get the job, probably because of his connections to Abscam, but his charges painting the US Marines as murderers has angered a lot of people.

Gateway Pundit claimed that  the videos support the Marines’ story– True??

The North Country Times is covering the story in detail..pdf of report here.
The most interesting detail is that despite locals who claimed that there was execution slaying of the Iraqis, (whose bodies were buried) the walls show bullet sprays that don’t suggest execution…then the fact that the accused passing polygraphs… or one of the so called victims was a Jordanian who was listed as a civilian because he wasn’t on terrorist watch lists, but who did possess several passports

Now reports say that the hearing officer in a second case wants the charges dropped for lack of evidence.

StrategyPage notes:

June 21, 2007: Recent developments in the Haditha case (marines accused of murdering civilians in Iraq) not only show how easily the media can get things wrong, but it also exposes how al Qaeda is taking a new approach to asymmetric warfare. In essence, the controversy over the events in Haditha was a more refined attack than the claims after the 2002 Battle of Jenin. And, despite claims from certain politicians, there was no cover-up attempted. Now, some of the charges have been dismissed, others are in doubt, and it is beginning to look like the accusations of a massacre may be untrue.

StrategyPage gives detail on how the terrorists have manipulated the media about massacres both in Iraq and against Israel.

This propaganda war is the real untold story not only of Haditha but of the war in Iraq.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind CLinic and Fishmarket. 

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