Becoming the only astronaut ever in the 27 years of space shuttle history to be given a second chance to go on a spacewalk after being replaced for his first, now-veteran German spacewalker Hans Schlegel proudly confirms that “It’s great to be part of an international team.”

He and fellow spacewalker American Rex J. Walheim successfully replaced a large nitrogen tank on the ISS yesterday. Why it is that Schlegel could suddenly take part on the mission after all is unclear. He was scheduled to walk on Monday but developed an undisclosed health problem that kept him from the assignment. No one seems willing to openly discuss that matter, all agreeing to agree that it was a private medical matter instead.

“Hello to all the people of Germany,” Walheim said at one point during the spacewalk in reference to his work with Schlegel. “It’s great to finally get a chance to work with one of your native sons.” “Yeah,” replied Schlegel. “And it’s great to be a part of an international team… doing research in space.”

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