Arsonists hit a ritzy Seattle suburb early Monday morning. Striking just before dawn 5 million plus dollar show homes were reduced to ashes. According to the builder the total damage is in the $7 million range.

The homes were designed to showcase the use of ‘green’ technology.

Police suspect that an eco terrorist group known as the Earth Liberation Front, is behind the operation. Checking out this shady group I located their rather bizarre and very difficult to read webpage After spending some time trying to make out the lead article, it appears to be a denial of their involvement in the Seattle attack.

Television news stations including CNN are reporting that based on a press conference on Tuesday morning the authorities are treating this act as one of home grown terrorism. And the penalties for those involved will be harsh.

Left at the scene was a sheet with the rather cryptic message “Built green? Nope Black!  McMansions + R.C.D.’s r not green”, signed E.L.F. The reference R.C.D. is thought to translate to ‘rural cluster developments’.

ELF has been linked to a number of terrorist type acts over the past 20 years. The F.B.I.’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Seattle is involved with this case, and no doubt further developments will be forthcoming.

Simon Barrett

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