Cops in Seattle are taking their fight to a whole new medium: ads on craigslist. Craig’s List is a popular no frills website service that allows users to post free classified ads, millions of users browse the site daily. Most of them are looking for general services, products or employment from other users but there is always the small percentage of users who are looking for something more.

Seattle police officers recently wrapped up a two week sting operation on the popular website by creating ads that featured pictures of undercover female officers and used subtle language to invite men to a condo in downtown Seattle to have sex for money. The results were astounding according to Seattle police. As of Wednesday, November 15th, 94 men and 14 women had been arrested in the sting operation. One of the people who reported to the condo in response to the ad was teenager who was being forced into prostitution.

While the sting was originally met with some difficulty, such as men becoming wise to the operation and tipping each other off to avoid arrest, vice cops were able to adapt quickly and retool the ad using new images and new language. Lt. Eric Sano said “We’re going to do this again and again and again so these guys will never know when we’re going to do it.”

Ad on Craigslist really a sex sting (Seattle PI)

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