James Copenhaver, a private investigator from Orlando has volunteered to head up the attempt to recruit team leaders in the upcoming search for the 2 year old Caylee Anthony that has been missing since mid- June. He said so far he has received over 400 calls since 5 pm Wednesday.

“We’re looking for someone with law enforcement background, fire service background, department of corrections — public service background essentially,” Copenhaver said. “Those folks have had some training in the past that they can bring to the table to help us.” ‘

The search scheduled to start hopefully by November 8, will he headed by Equusearch. The group’s leader, Tim Miller said he plans to return to Orlando on November 7 with hopes of training new team leaders. They are hoping to have as many as 3,000 or 4,000 volunteer searchers out there to look for Caylee Anthony and for the Central Florida woman, Jennifer Kesse that has been missing since January 2006.

The sheriff’s office and the FBI will be working with Miller and they will determine the exact areas that will be searched.

Anyone interested in volunteering to join the search team can call Equusearch at 877-270-9500 or go to their website at www.texasequusearch.org . If you are a retired law enforcement officer, military personnel or have a background in fire or rescue and would like to sign up as a team leader please give James Copenhaver a call at 407-897-1184.

Let’s all stop and say a prayer that this time nothing interferes in Tim Miller’s search plans so they can go out and find little Caylee and bring her home to rest. Caylee where ever you are we are all praying for you. America loves you!

Jan Barrett

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